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Phasedata has teamed up with Cardservice International, the world’s premiere transaction services company, to provide you an exceptional value in a merchant account. Fast approval and set-up lets you quickly start making more revenue. Outstanding rates, very low transaction charges! Virtually 100% approval! Totally encrypted system ensures safe secure processing Maximize your customers convenience by accepting choice of major credit cards Conduct real-time Internet transactions 24 hours per day from your web site – secure payment gateway software included Access funds from your credit cards orders within 48 hours, deposited directly to your company checking account Should my business accept Credit Cards? What does it cost and how does it compare? How does the credit card transaction process work?

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Should my business accept Credit Cards?
The shift in purchasing patterns of consumers is in the direction of simplicity. Many buyers are turning to the Internet to buy goods and services because it is so easy to do so. Products are ordered online, shipped quickly, and delivered right to the buyer’s door. Fast, easy, convenient. Merchants are driving customers to their websites to avoid overhead expenses and geographical limitations imposed by traditional brick and mortar facilities. Without question, credit cards are the currency of the Internet. The majority of online purchases are paid via credit cards as they provides a secure, fast and easy to use method of payment for both the merchant and the consumer. For this reason, the acceptance of credit cards is crucial for success in the booming Internet commerce market. The time delay associated with traditional payment methods is a major deterrent to online purchases. The time it takes to process an order with a check payment (receive from the buyer, deposit it, wait for clearance) adds to the time it takes to deliver the product to the customer. It reduces incentive to purchase online. Credit cards allow consumers to make purchases online with instant approval, while providing a high level of security for the buyer. Advantages Consumers increasingly prefer the no hassle, no pressure, convenience of shopping online. For those who are still leery of making an actual purchase online without "kicking the tires", they can still conduct the necessary research and compile information on various products online.. Businesses who realize the thinking process their customers go through are able to tailor their websites to meet the needs of their customers and "upsell" through subtle persuasion and direction rather than a sales staff. With cookies and other tracking tools, businesses can follow the course of a customer’s visit to their site and adjust the site so that the products they feel are most important and want showcased, are placed appropriately.
Establishing a Merchant Account
Establishing a merchant account can be a relatively simple process. Because of the risk associated with non-retail businesses, many local banks are cautious about issuing accounts to them. However, there are independent companies such as Cardservice International that are willing to extend credit to these higher risk organizations (start-ups, Internet-based businesses, mail-order businesses, etc.). The less risk a business is to the credit card issuer, the easier the process will be. With the dramatic increase of online purchasing, it is essential for merchants to offer credit payment options to their customers in order to remain competitive in the new virtual marketplace. What does it cost and how does it compare? Advantage: Cardservice International Cardservice International Major Competitor Pricing: Set-up cost $495 $1,495 Discount rate, Visa/MasterCard 2.35% 2.49% Discount rate, AMEX 3.75% 3.75% Transaction fee $0.25 $0.30 Monthly statement fee $10 $10 Monthly secure gateway fee $15 $20 Minimum, monthly fees $15 $15 Set-up: Set-up timeframe to use merchant account Within 24 Hours 7 - 10 days Approval rate Virtually 100% 95% Functionality: Secure real-time transactions Yes Yes Process credit cards from web site without special terminal Yes Yes How does the credit card transaction process work? The following information describes the step-by-step process of a credit card transaction taking place on the internet: Step 1 When a consumer decides to buy a product or service online, using common browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, the secure order form of the merchant prompts the consumer to enter their name, address, ship-to, credit card information and any other pertinent information required to process the sale. Step 2 Upon completion of the order form by the consumer, the "Submit" or "Pay Now" button is clicked to begin the payment process. Step 3 The button is linked to the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway which routes and obtains the credit card authorization or declination code. The credit card is checked against the address verification system (AVS) to authenticate the cardholder. An authorization reduces the available credit limit, but does not actually place a charge on the statement of the cardholder or move money to the merchant. In line with bankcard association rules, the merchant is not allowed to settle transactions until the ordered goods can be shipped, therefore a time lag may exist between the authorization and the settlement process. Transaction Descriptions Sale: Acceptance of the credit card for purchase of a product or service. Return (Credit): Is issued when the consumer wishes to return a product or service after the transaction has been settled. Void: Is issued when the consumer cancels the order the same day, and prior to, the settling of the transactions. Settlement: The final step to complete the credit card transaction between the consumer and the merchant. The batch (an accumulation of transactions from the current day) is settled daily as a group. Settlement means that the credit card is charged and the money is moved to the merchant account. Cardservice International electronically deposits the money into the checking account of the merchant within 48 hours of settlement. LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway Cardservice's SSL API offers eCommerce Web site builders and providers an encrypted connection to our Secure Payment Engine. All Cardservice International merchants receive the following benefits by using the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway technology: fraud screen of each transaction submitted and real-time reporting via their Web browser. LinkPoint API is the most sophisticated level of service, enabling software companies, commerce service providers (CSPs), internet service providers (ISPs) or cyber-wise merchants to add secure sockets layer (SSL) payment capabilities to their products, services or custom storefronts. Additional features, such as tax and shipping calculations and electronic softgood download (ESD) - i.e., software, pictures or text - are included. Using Cardservice's SSL API, all orders and payment information sent from the merchant's Web server will be encrypted using industry standard RC4 1024-bit encryption with SSL Version 3. This encrypted and secure data is routed to Cardservice, decrypted and processed. All processed information (Approved/Declined transactions) is then re-encrypted and sent securely back to the Web site. Once at the Web server, it is decrypted and displayed to the consumer. Also, order confirmation e-mails are sent to the consumer and to the merchant. The Cardservice SSL API guarantees that the orders and payment information generated by the merchants Web server remains totally secure. Using the following eCommerce modules, Web customers will be able to order products, pay for them and arrange for shipment all in real-time. These modules include real-time: Fraud Protection Shipping Tax Calculation Business Reports Merchants also have the option of choosing auto-settlement or merchant settlement. Taking advantage of the Cardservice Business Reporting module allows the merchant to view critical ordering and financial information all from a single source, their browser. ©1995-2000 Phase.com™. All rights reserved. Please read our Disclaimer and Services Agreement