www.Phase.com Phasedata specializes in delivering the highest quality, feature packed eCommerce and eBusiness solutions. In an effort to deliver complete solutions and one-stop-shop service to our customers we can also host all your basic websites at very competitive discount rates.* Hosting Plan sp!One sp!Pro sp!Com sp!Max Monthly Rate $24.95 $34.95 $59.95 $79.90 Domain Name Yes Yes More Info More Info

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Storage Space 50 MB 100 MB More Info More Info Email Accounts 50 100 More Info More Info Bandwidth Traffic 3000 MB 5000 MB More Info More Info FrontPage 2000 Yes Yes More Info More Info Detailed Site Statistics Yes Yes More Info More Info Access to raw log files Yes Yes More Info More Info
Mail Manager Yes Yes More Info More Info
Auto Responders Yes Yes More Info More Info
Email Forwarding Yes Yes More Info More Info
Anonymous FTP Yes Yes More Info More Info Real Audio/Video Yes Yes More Info More Info Secure Server Yes Yes More Info More Info Server Side Includes Yes Yes More Info More Info Own cgi-bin Access Yes Yes More Info More Info MySQL - PHP Yes Yes More Info More Info Unlimited FTP Access Yes Yes More Info More Info Unlimited Telnet Access Yes Yes More Info More Info Daily Backups Yes Yes More Info More Info Password Directories Yes Yes More Info More Info Web Control Panel Yes Yes More Info More Info Order Center N/A N/A No More Info Setup Fees None! None! None! None! Monthly Rate $24.95 $34.95 $59.95 $79.90 Quarterly Rate $74.85 $104.85 $179.85 $239.70 Annually $299.40 $419.40 $719.40 $958.80 Search Engine Submission $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * 40% OFF BONUS * As a registered Phasedata Solutions Partner receive 40% off standard web hosting! That's only $14.97* per month per website for sp!One web hosting. *In order to take advantage of these rates you must be a registered Phasedata solutions partner and have at least one paid sp!Com® or sp!Max® plan and you must be the billing contact for each website hosted. Web hosting details: YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME All accounts get their own unique domain name. For example, www.whateveryouwant.com. Phasedata can host web sites that have international extensions. For example, www.australia.au, www.mexico.co.mx The client must register the international domain in their own country. We'll provide important information to you that is required for foreign country domain registries. Return WEB BASED CONTROL PANEL Our web based control panel comes standard with every account. It gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account in order to make the best use of your feature options. Within your browser, you can upload and download your web files; add or remove email accounts; view web site statistics; password protect your web directories, install and uninstall different programs. And, as with all Phasedata products, your name is on the account, not ours. Give your customers total control or administer it for them from this great interface. Return STORAGE SPACE When you sign up with a web hosting company, you are basically leasing hard disk space on their web server. This disk space is used to store all your web site files. To get an idea of how much disk space 20 MB represents - this web page is approximately 35 kilobytes (the size of the page including graphics). 20 MB is equivalent to 571 pages of the same file size!! NOTE: We do not count your your log files toward your disk space. Return BANDWIDTH TRAFFIC This is the amount of data transferred to visitors as they view your web page. Phasedata allows each web site a generous amount of data traffic. Most web sites use much less. For example, as you visited this page approximately 30 kilobytes was transferred (the size of the page including graphics) over the net to your browser. To reach the 3000 MB allowance is equivalent to 100,000 visitors downloading this page each month! Return EMAIL ACCOUNTS/MAIL MANAGER You can create individual mailboxes accessible through your domain's mail server: mail.yourdomain.com easily through your site's control panel. Email Aliases/Forwarding E-mail aliasing/forwarding means if you send mail to webmaster@yourdomain.com, that address is aliased to whomever needs to receive it. It can be one person or multiple people, however you need it structured. Auto-Responders You can set up an auto-response for any email address to automatically reply to incoming email. Return FRONTPAGE 2000/98 EXTENSIONS Optionally install FrontPage 2000 extensions so that you can create and publish your web site using Microsoft® Frontpage® without learning how to program. FrontPage 2000 is backward compatible with FrontPage 98. Return SITE STATISTICS/LOG FILE ANALYSIS In addition to access to your raw log files you can access HTTP-analyze. A detailed log analysis feature that provides information on who, what, when and where vistors are accessing your site. A frames-based and an improved conventional interface allow easy navigation through the statistics reports. Fully incorporates the 3Dstats analyzer, which creates 3D models (VRML 2.0 worlds) of certain statistics. Computes Pageviews and Sessions, summarizes in 3 levels of detail: a Top N list, an overview and a detailed list. Return ANONYMOUS FTP You can enable an anonymous FTP site to allow visitors to upload and download files. Return UNLIMITED FTP/TELNET ACCESS After creating your web site, you need to transfer it to the live web server. You do this by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). There are no limits on FTP access. Update your web site any day or time you want and from anywhere in the world. Telnet is a command window that allows access to the the server's command line functions. You can use it to test your CGI scripts or utilize other server resources. Return SERVER SIDE INCLUDES (SSI) Server Side Include is a group of functions that can be included directly in your HTML so that a server can include variable values in the HTML file before it sends it to the requestor. SSI commands allow you to perform functions not available through HTML. For example, with SSI you can embed into your web page, the current date and time. Return OWN CGI-BIN ACCESS Each web site account gets their own personal CGI (common gateway interface) directory where you can place your CGI scripts. CGI scripts allow you to run small programs on the server that can provide your web site with interactivity. For example, if a visitor submits a form from your web site, you can call a form mail handling CGI script to take that visitor's information, format it, send you an email, and send the visitor a thank you page. Return MySQL DATABASE SERVER - PHP All sites have access to a MySQL database server that allows you to set up your own database and tables. If you use PHP it is also supported as a programming language interface. Return SECURE SOCKET LAYER (SSL) Access to secure server resources allows you to send encrypted information to web visitors preventing unauthorized viewing of private information. Return SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION Once you get your website all setup you need to start promoting your site. One of the ways to increase traffic is to get your site placed in search engine listings. Phasedata has developed a Search Engine Submission service that will submit your website to over 1200 search engines and link exchange directories. (This is a paid service - $19.95 per URL submission) Return REDUNDANCY AND RELIABILITY We have a digital distribution architecture, which includes private peering network connections to major Internet carriers such as MCI, Sprint, UUNET, AT&T, AOL, and others. Industry analysis reveals that 70 percent of downtime with any ISP is caused by telephone circuit failure. Since our Network Operations Center is in the same building as Frontier GlobalCenter, circuit failure is virtually eliminated because there is no phone circuit between us and Frontier GlobalCenter. Instead, there is a direct connection between our Cisco 7200 router and theirs. Frontier GlobalCenter's groundbreaking technology is fast, efficient and one of the most reliable networks available today