www.Phase.com WHY ELECTRONIC COMMERCE? Electronic Commerce isn't just a buzz word it is a necessity for your customers. As people's usage of the internet evolves it becomes apparent that static content websites will soon be phased out in place of dynamic, database driven portals of products and information. Whether your building a site to dispense information or sell products or even just to display your company logo and information, to do so within the context of a database driven electronic commerce engine allows for faster data access, fast and efficient product and information updates, increased website productivity, and overall better performance. All this combines to give website visitors access to the content they want when they want it.

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WHAT'S NEEDED? The technology infrastructure required to deliver electronic commerce to web customers is getting increasingly complex. For many developers the access to the human resources required to build and maintain an eCommerce website AND manage the SQL database servers, Secure Transaction Servers, Domain Name Servers, Email Servers, HTTP Servers, FTP Servers, etc, etc. could consume much of their business focus and resources. In addition, the time and experience required to program and code sophisticated solutions is costly and often hard to come by or very expensive.

Phasedata's sp!com e-commerce solution is the answer. With sp!Com your web development company is free to develop stunning, content rich websites as unique as the clients and customers that will be using them. sp!Com is a complete back-end solution that manages ALL back-end server infrastructure AND includes a browser based user interface that allows developers to create dynamic, inspiring eCommerce portals for their customers, easily and as quickly as the content can be created. Spend development time building great looking content, instead of worrying about how to manage and display tens, hundreds or thousands of products and pages. WHAT IS sp!Com? sp!Com is the next generation browser based graphical user interface that allows developers to create and administer formerly complex dynamic websites easily and quickly. Phasedata offers this solution to development companies as a complete back-end solution allowing developers to maintain their independence and grow their customer base by delivering complex websites using our resources but maintaining their own brand and customer loyalty. CHECK OUT sp!Com's AMAZING FEATURES

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